Website for Checking Boat Schedules to Alonnisos –

Historically, one of the major challenges in planning a trip to Alonnisos (or for that matter Skiathos or Skopelos), is that the companies providing voyages to the islands by boat are usually very slow to publish updated schedules. It’s also very common for the maritime companies serving the Sporades (e.g., Blue Star Ferries, Aegean Flying Dolphins, Anek Lines) to wait until the very last minute to post their updated schedules. For example, the schedule for June might not be published until the last week of May!

While this behavior may never change, fortunately at least now there is now a website called that provides visitors with access to the current schedules of all of the maritime companies serving the Sporades (and elsewhere in Greece as well). With, once the home page loads, click on the British Flag at the upper right of the screen for English. Then, just below that flag you’ll find a box where you can plug in your departure port (e.g., Skiathos, Volos, etc.) and your desired destination port (e.g. Alonnisos), choose the date of departure, and the site will tell you what’s available from all of the companies (if anything is at all!). If nothing is available, you can modify your departure date until something is. Although this isn’t a “fool-proof” way to book boat passage to Alonnisos, at least it’s better than having to visit each of the sites of the companies offering service to the island.

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