Alonnisos Village Taverna in the Old Village

Over our 14 trips to Alonnisos we have pretty much narrowed down our restaurant visits to a handful of tavernas and estiatorios where we have developed friendships with the owners and staff. For me personally, I like dining with people I consider friends, and since the food is always good it’s easy to just stay with our usual choices. Last week (early August 2017) we decided to break with that tradition just to try something “new,” so we chose to have dinner at the Alonnisos Village Taverna in the Old Village.

We were very impressed with the breadth of the menu, and the waiter who took care of us, Kostas, was very friendly and efficient. In the end we (a group of five) ordered various dishes to share, including vlita, vegetable moussaka, meatballs with gouda cheese, roasted red peppers, and a green salad. All of these dishes were excellent, and the portions were generous yet the prices were quite reasonable all told.

Prior to leaving I introduced myself to Apostolis, the gentleman handling the cash register, and told him how much we enjoyed the food. He was very friendly and grateful for our visit, and I also had the pleasure of meeting the chef, Adonis, as well as a waitress named Natasha and another waiter whose name I cannot recall at the moment of writing this post. All of these folks were very kind and friendly, which to me is another key reason why we will be certain to continue to visit this restaurant going forward (assuming this excellent staff continues to run it).

The Alonnisos Village Taverna is located perhaps 30 meters from the bus stop in the Old Village on the right side of the walkway, just across from the Italian gelateria.