al Diavolo Pizzeria in the Old Village

The past two summers (2017 & 2018) we have really enjoyed the pizzas at the al Diavolo Pizzeria in the Old Village. It is located just above Aquasanta, the Italian restaurant, and from what I understand they are owned by the same gentleman. Prior to Al Diavolo’s arrival there really wasn’t a restaurant in the OV that specialized in pizza, so it’s great that they decided to open one.

The menu includes a number of different types of pizzas, and they are  flexible about making special orders as well. We really liked their pizza with fresh Rocket salad, and have had other varieties as well. Beer and wine also is available, as are soft drinks and bottled water. From our experience the prices are reasonable, particularly with the excellent quality of the pizzas.

Al Diavolo has some seating in the front and rear for those interested in dining on site, and, please note that the number of tables is small and the place has become quite popular. So, it can be challenging to find a place to sit down during the busy season in August. Because of this, we’ve started to order pizzas on a carry-out basis. Whether we dine in or take it home, we’ve always found the young man preparing the pizzas, Yiannis (he’s pictured on the left in this photo), to be very friendly and welcoming. Note that if you want to order a carry-out, unless things change this summer you will need to visit the restaurant itself to place the order as they don’t have a phone-based ordering system.

To find al Diavolo, from the bus stop in the OV walk straight up the main road until it ends at the Piperi Bar, then turn left heading up, and at the first side walkway that you come to take a right. It’s perhaps 10 meters or less from there.