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Best Website for Booking Hotels in Europe

In 2005 when I was planning yet another trip to Alonnisos, we decided to make stops in Germany and Austria on our way to the island. Since we happened to know someone who lived in Munich, I contacted this woman and asked her opinion on how best to book hotels for that segment of the trip. She referred me to a company based in Germany called “Hotel Reservation Service,” as she had used it extensively and strongly recommended it.

I took her advice, and used HRS that year to book hotels in Frankfort, Munich, Salzburg, Austria, and in Thessaloniki, Greece. I found this site to be very flexible and easy-to-use, and most importantly, that the descriptions of the hotels on the site matched very closely to the actual properties we selected. Moreover, in each instance there we no issues with check-in or any other aspect of our stay, and in one case where we wanted to make a change it was easily accomplished just by going to the website.

Because of my high level of satisfaction with HRS, we used it again in 2006 for a trip to Ireland, and once again experienced great results. I then took advantage of the service a third time in 2007 to book hotels in Italy and Ireland and then again in 2014, and as usual, I was completely satisfied with the experience. While there are tons of great travel and hotel sites, it’s my feeling that when one is going to visit Europe, it’s best to use a company that is actually based there. For that reason and many more, I highly recommend HRS as the best site to use for reserving hotel rooms in Europe.