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Driving to Alonnisos from the UK & Other European Countries

 As a resident of the USA I cannot speak from any direct experience on the subject of driving to Alonnisos from other European countries. I have several friends from the UK who drive their car to Agios Konstantinos or Volos every year, and then take a ferry to Alonnisos from either of those departure points. Someday we fully intend to tag along on one of those trips, as it would surely be lovely to traipse across Europe in a leisurely manner on the way to the island!

While I personally don’t have any insights in this area for you, I know that Dave Court of has a page on his incredibly valuable Alonnisos site that talks about the experience he and his wife Gerry have in getting to the island from the UK by car. Click here to access that page, which also includes a link to the Via Michelin website that provides assistance in planning driving trips from anywhere in Europe.