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Reaching Alonnisos from Volos via Hydrofoil

If you are planning to reach Alonnisos by boat from Volos, then prior to your trip you need to reserve and pay for tickets tickets for the roughly 3.5 hour boat trip on to Alonnisos via a Hellenic Seaways Flying Cat, a very comfortable hydrofoil craft. The Hellenic Seaways website is fairly easy to navigate, just be sure to choose your language of choice and then select “Online Booking” and follow the prompts. When you have completed the reservation the site will bill you for the tickets, but will not actually provide you with them. Instead, you will receive a confirmation email that instructs you to take your reservation confirmation to the Hellenic Seaways representative in Volos (called “Sporades Travel”). This travel agency is located directly on the Volos waterfront, so it’s really easy to spot. Once there you will need to present the ticket confirmation form you received via email from Hellenic Seaways. They¬†also may ask you for a passport for identification. When you have your ticket(s), if the boat is leaving shortly I recommend you promptly proceed to the boarding area which is across the street from the travel agency.

Flying Dolphin graphic_1_16Please note that a company called Aegean Flying Dolphins also operates older boats called Flying Dolphins that are smaller, and somewhat less comfortable than the Flying Cats. They are however, a bit faster than the Cats, and the price of the tickets is somewhat less. Note that if you have any concerns about rocky seas you may want to limit yourself to only booking a berth on the Cat. You can book tickets on the Flying Dolphin through

Staying in Volos

If the arrival time in Volos is such that you are unable to connect with a boat to Alonnisos, please check the Category Archives (to your right and up) under “Hotel in Volos” for information regarding the properties I recommend.