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Although the Alonnisos Insider includes a large volume of information about the island of Alonnisos, there is far more to learn about it than what I provide on these pages. I personally have found that the most comprehensive website about Alonnisos is operated by a British gentleman named Dave Court (the man with the beard standing next to me to the right at Megalos Mourtias Taverna) who lives on the island on a full-time basis. Literally everything you might ever want to know about Alonnisos is either on, or available via links provided on that site. In several of the posts on this site I include links to information that Dave has posted on his site.

When you visit, you’ll find that under the heading “Alonissos Info A-Z” there’s a storehouse of information about the island, including everything about Alonissos that has been gleaned from the Internet, along with Dave and his late wife Gerry’s personal experiences. Every event that they attended and every trip they took was a fact-finding mission, and Dave continues to update the existing information on the island and adds new content as well. You’ll also find the site features an “Alonissos Noticeboard” that includes postings about all the forthcoming events in each month that they receive information about.

I highly recommend this site as an information resource about Alonnisos!