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Recommended restaurant in Athens – Golden Chopsticks

During three of our 12 trips to Greece we’ve stayed in the Plaka District near the Acropolis, which is very close to Syndagma Square. In addition to the numerous Greek tavernas and estiatorios in that area, back in 2007 we learned about a restaurant called Golden Chopsticks that serves Chinese, Thai, and Indian cuisines.

Although we love Greek good, the fact is after a month or so of eating the same type of food on Alonnisos, by the time we reach Athens quite honestly we are ready to eat something different. The first time we tried Golden Chopsticks we were hooked, as it truly offers an exceptional assortment of delicious meals. The prices are not overly expensive, but we wind up spending more than we usually do on dinners because we find ourselves wanting to try so many different dishes.

If you’re in Athens and spending the night anywhere near Syndagma Square, Andrea and I highly recommend this restaurant. Please note that if you’re not from Greece the owner (who is a very nice man) doesn’t speak English, but others who work there do. Bon appétit.