Recommended Taxi Service – George Athanasiou

George the taxi driver2While visiting the island during the summer of 2014 we had the great pleasure of meeting and using the services of “George the taxi driver” (pictured to your right). Although we normally use our rented motorbike from I&M Rental to get to Patitiri from the Old Village, this year we had a few occasions in which we needed to take a taxi. My in-laws recommended George Athanasiou, so we took their advice, and, I’m delighted we did.

George the Taxi DriverWe found George to be very friendly and polite, and also appreciated his careful driving approach heading both down and up from Patitiri. As such, we highly recommend his taxi service to anyone visiting the island. George can be reached on his mobile phone at (30)6976221441 .

Loulaki Store – Patitiri

005Loulaki is an eclectic store in Patitiri that sells unique, top quality solutions for home, mind & body, and style. Located directly next to the National Bank of Greece branch in Patitiri, it is owned and operated by Claudia Tobias, a lovely woman who we originally met during our four month stay in Alonnisos during the summer of 2000.

This distinctive store features novel products for use in home interiors, such as antiques and beautiful and unusually crafted pottery. A shop for discerning customers, it also offers exquisite jewelry and textiles. In Claudia’s own words, Loulaki truly is an “Alladin’s Cave.”

For further information about Loulaki send an email to Claudia by clicking here.

Gyros of the Village

001During our 2014 trip we noticed that a new gyros restaurant had opened in the Old Village since our last visit in 2011. It is called “Gyros of the Village,” and it is operated by a very nice young man named Sokrates (pictured to your right). We were inspired to stop there one day to order some chicken gyros to take home for lunch, and we found the quality of the food to be simply excellent! Over the course of our stay we purchased carry out food from Sokrates several times, and in each instance the meals were delicious. Also note that the price per gyro was very reasonable.

In addition to gyros, Sokrates sells chicken and pork souvlaki, salads, and other foods. Menu options include gyros and souvlaki plates that offer very good size portions. While we chose to take food home with us, the restaurant also has many tables for those customers who prefer to dine onsite. Because of our very positive experiences at “Gyros of the Village,” we will be sure to visit this restaurant again many times during our next visit to Alonnisos.

Archontostasi Restaurant & Bar (“Mary’s Bar”)

031After three years of reading references to “Mary’s Bar” on the website, during our 2014 trip to Alonnisos we were inspired to finally visit there and have dinner. My wife’s mother and step-father (Elaine and Peter) came with us that evening, during which we also had the opportunity to listen to three exceptionally talented musicians from Athens.

015That evening we ordered pasta dishes that were very tasty, and as the photo to the left indicates, the portion size was very generous. All of us greatly enjoyed our meals and left there feeling completely satisfied with all aspects of the experience.

Based on that very positive first visit, Andrea and I returned to Archontostasi several more times during our stay, sampling other items on the menu. These included a delicious chicken with mustard sauce entrée, an excellent soya sauce-based chicken dish, and a wonderful Margherita pizza with great flavor and a very tasty, bakery-like crust. In addition to the excellent food, we found the service to be very good as well. The 030waiter who took care of us, Jorgos, was very friendly and efficient, and Mary the owner (pictured with me to the right) was very welcoming and kind to us each time we ate there.

Archontostasi is actually quite a large place, as there are outdoor terraces both in front of the restaurant and at the rear as well. The view from the front terrace is quite lovely, as it looks out toward the north side of the island. In addition, there is an indoor seating area available just in case it rains or the winds pick up. Please note that Archontostasi also offers free Wi-Fi access for its customers.

Maria Studios – A Cosy Pension in Patitiri

The “Maria Studios” is a family-run pension located in the port town of Patitiri. A cosy complex of 10 studios surrounded by lush pine trees, it’s only 20 meters from a rocky beach, making it ideal for those who love fishing, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

All rooms feature everything guest need for a comfortable stay, including modern amenities such as free WI-Fi available in public areas of the pension, fully equipped kitchenettes, private bathrooms, air-conditioning, TV and spacious balconies, most of which offer a panoramic view of the sea. In addition, rooms are cleaned on a daily basis and free parking is also available on-site. Maria Studios is conveniently located just 200 meters from the port itself, making it an ideal base for excursions and shopping.

For more information or to book a reservation, visit the Maria Studios website, or telephone +30-2424-065348.

Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel in Patitiri

The Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel is located in the main port town of Patitiri, situated about 500 meters from the port itself through a convenient foot path. One of the most beautiful traditional buildings on the island, it originally opened in 1993 and was fully renovated during the summer of 2011.

Classified as an environmentally-friendly (i.e., “green”) hotel, it offers 13 luxurious rooms with private balconies and wireless Internet access (i.e., Wi Fi), each of which are air-conditioned and feature a number of amenities, including anatomic mattresses and a pillow menu. In addition, a healthy and energizing breakfast prepared with local ingredients is available for guests on a daily basis.

>A wide selection of restaurants, mini-markets, and other stores also are just a very short walk from this beautiful hotel, as is a local bus stop. For additional information regarding the Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel, click here to visit the hotel’s website. To learn about room rates and other booking information, click here.

Spacious, Fully Equipped Rental Apartment in Milia Bay

In 2013 I connected through email with a very nice couple, Frederique Marcou and Vion Sandor. They live nearly the year round in a lovely villa in Milia Bay, which also offers a rental apartment. The property is owned by Frederique’s mother, Nicole Marcou, whose address and telephone numbers you can find on the site

The apartment is part of the house shaded by pine trees that offers a panoramic view of Milia Bay and the surrounding area. It features two rooms with double-beds, two bathrooms, a small living room with sofa-beds for one or two people, wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi), a kitchen, and two comfortably furnished and covered verandas adjoining the rooms. For outdoor meals there are two built tile and marble tables, and the apartment also has direct and private access to the sea, with a small platform facilitating entry to the water and partially covered by an awning.

This property is ideal for a large family, or two couples with children, or any group of up to five or six persons that enjoys nature, swimming, sports, or just relaxing.  You also can contact Vion or Frederique via email. To do so please click here.

Alonnisos Loses a Long-standing Home Owner – Pat Fischer

Although the focus of this blog is to provide information about the island of Alonnisos, today (9/4/2013) I feel inspired to post news about the passing of a beloved friend on the island who we originally met during our second trip to Alonnisos. Her name was Pat Fischer (pictured to your right standing next to me), and she and her husband David owned a home in the Kokkino Kastro area for decades. Originally built in the 1960s, at one point many years ago it was in the path of a huge fire that broke out in the hills above Tzortzi Yialo Bay, but miraculously survived intact thanks to heroic efforts on the part of local Greek fire-fighters.

My in-laws originally introduced us to Pat and David during our second visit to Alonnisos in 1998, and over several years we had the great pleasure of spending time with them on their lovely property. They were very friendly and hospitable, and we always greatly enjoyed our visits to the Fischer home.

Pat, David, their children, and grandchildren as well, visited Alonnisos regularly and also introduced many other family members and friends to the island over the years. They had a deep and abiding love and respect for Alonnisos, and during their many trips to the island they truly became a part of the energy of Alonnisos itself. When David passed several years ago, Pat continued to visit the island whenever her health would allow it.

With Pat Fischer’s passing, the island lost a true friend and I know for certain that she will be missed by anyone associated with Alonnisos who had the privilege of knowing her.

Getting to Alonnisos through Athens via Bus or Taxi to the Port of Kimi

Each summer Skyros Shipping Co. typically offers services on its Achilleas ferry between the port of Kimi (located on the island of Evia) and Alonnisos. Kimi (sometimes spelled “Kymi”) is located about three and a half hours from Athens by coach bus, and the boat ride is just over two hours (an hour shorter than the trip from Agios Konstantinos (or Volos) to Alonnisos. Ticket pricing can be found on the Skyros Shipping Co. website.

To reach Kimi by bus from the Athens airport you will first need to take the X93 bus (Click here for more information about this bus) to the Bus Terminus B bus station in Athens (Click here for more information about this bus station [or “O stathmos,” in Greek], and to see the a long distance bus schedule (the most recent I could find in January of 2016) for buses departing from Bus Terminus B click here. The total time it will take you to get to Kimi from the airport via Bus Terminus B will be perhaps as much as five hours, but could be more based on traffic conditions. If you’d prefer to take a taxi to Bus Terminus B, please page down to see information regarding a taxi driver in Athens that I recommend.

If your arrival time is too late to connect with the Achilleas ferry you will obviously need to book a hotel in Kimi. I highly recommend the Vallendi Village Hotel. Click here to learn more about this wonderful hotel.

One other note, in addition to bus X93 from the airport, you can also reach Athens City Centre via the Metro Train line. Ask the information desk at the airport for directions to the on-site Metro station (it’s on the lower level). If you do take the Metro,you’ll also need to ask what stop to use in order to facilitate the most direct access to Bus Terminus B for your next travel segment to Kimi. Note that travel via train gets you to the city center in perhaps half the time.

To Kimi via Taxi

If you aren’t as much concerned about cost as you are about comfort and speed, you also have the option of taking a taxi from the Athens Airport directly to Kimi. Because this is a fairly lengthy distance, the cost of the taxi is significant ( €220  or more). While this is obviously much more expensive than bus travel, if two or more people are traveling together the price is much more reasonable, especially considering that the cost of a hotel in Athens is probably at least €30 – 40 more than one in Kimi. With the taxi you can stay in Kimi, sleep in a bit, and then take the ferry in the morning.

If you are interested in taking a taxi, I highly recommend the services of a driver in Athens named Spiros Halkides. Not only is he a great guy, but he also speaks fluent English from his experience in living in New York for many years. Here is his contact information: Telephone: 30-2109944771 (H) & (30)-6944285686(MOBILE) [Note that 30 is the country code for calling Greece.] To visit Spiros’ website click here. To contact Spiros via email, click here.

Staying in Athens

If you aren’t able to make the bus to Kimi, and don’t want to spend the extra money to take a taxi, please review the Category Archives (to your right) under “Hotels in Athens” for information regarding properties I recommend.

Making a Boat Reservation from Kimi to Alonnisos

If you are planning to reach Alonnisos via the ferry Achilleas, then prior to your trip you of course need to reserve and pay for tickets. Please check the Skyros Shipping Company timetable for the specific date you are interested in booking passage. If you want to purchase tickets click on this link to find a list of travel agencies that sell tickets on their behalf.

To contact me via email with any questions regarding this post click here.

Recommended Boutique Hotel in Thessaloniki – The Zaliki Hotel

On their return trip from Alonnisos my in-laws stayed at a boutique hotel called the Zaliki Hotel in Thessaloniki for the first time. They found the room, the amenities, and the hotel staff to be excellent. The Zaliki Hotel is located in a restored neo-classical building of the previous century situated in the historical city center. It includes 18 guest rooms, three business suites, a dining room, a bar, and a meeting/conference room.

All single/double rooms and suites offer cable TV, NOVA, a fridge with mini-bar, a personal safe, a hair dryer, free internet access and toiletries. All double rooms have either a double or two twin beds. Fresh fruit and bottled water are provided to every guest upon arrival. Business suite guests also receive a complimentary bottle of wine.

The Zaliki Hotel  is located at 6 Gr. Zaliki St., 54631 in Thessaloniki. For further information or to book a reservation visit the hotel’s website.