Kali Thea – Yoga and Massage in Alonnisos

If you practice yoga you’ll be pleased to know that Alonnisos has a yoga studio called Kali Thea that will allow you to stay with your practice even while you’re on holiday. The teacher, Lee Hamblin, is from the UK and has nearly over 20 years of yoga-related experience. Several friends on the island have told me that Lee is a very gifted teacher, and since they consistently practice with him they certainly would know.

 In addition to yoga classes, both Lee and his wife, Bibi, are professional massage therapists with extensive experience in providing Swedish, Traditional Thai, Indian Head, and Hot Stones Massages. Bibi also has proven expertise in reflexology and energy healing modalities. My mother-in-law has used Kali Thea’s massage services on a regular basis, and highly recommends them. My wife Andrea has likewise had massage sessions there and always came back from them just raving about how wonderful they were.

Kali Thea is located near the Old Village of Alonnisos on the road that leads down to the beach at Megalos Mourtias. For complete details regarding Kali Thea as well as Lee and Bibi, click here.

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