Private Health Clinic in Alonnisos – Cosmohealth

For many years on Alonnisos, the only medical facility that was available to both local residents and visitors was a basic clinic that had limited diagnostic capabilities and staffing. In many instances, while the resident doctor and staff always did their very best to be of service, the reality was that anyone who experienced a serious medical issue or had an accident of some type and really needed medical care, typically had to take the next available boat to Volos to receive assistance.

While that clinic still exists today, in 2019 a new private healthcare clinic called Cosmoshealth began operations in the port town of Patitiri, one which offers a wide range of diagnostic and treatment options, as well as access to a large assortment of medical doctors. Today the Cosmoshealth private medical facility operates throughout the year, and during the summer tourist season its operation is extended over a 24/7 basis with medical staff that can support emergencies as well. In addition, during the rest of the year Cosmoshealth offers a wide variety of medical specialties, following monthly issued programs that are adjusted according to ferry schedules and weather conditions too.

The medical specialties covered in this outpatient healthcare facility are Ultrasonography and Angiological Triplex exams performed by a Doctor of Radiology, Gynecology/Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Endocrinology/Diabetes care, Neurology, Urology, Pulmonology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, and General pathology. Faithful to its vision, Cosmoshealth continuously develops its services, aspiring to ensure improved health and a better life for all.

Cosmohealth is located on the north portion of the Patitiri ring road. Examinations must be pre-scheduled by phone (+302424065555, +306942467768). Payments are private and all major credit cards are accepted. Patients with private insurance coverage are welcome as well, since after the completion of the examinations and the medical services, Cosmohealth provides a detailed Medical Report along with a financial receipt for the patient to submit the claim for payment to their private health care insurance company.

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