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Αρτολιχουδιες Bakery in the Old Village

Note that this is a post I meant to publish after we returned from our trip to Alonnisos in 2016, but forgot to take the necessary photos. In any event, during our 2016 trip we made it almost a daily practice to visit the Αρτολιχδιες Bakery in the Old Village. We are doing the same thing this summer (2017) because we really enjoy their milopita (apple pastry) and chocolate-stuffed croissants, and their breads and are excellent as well. It was also a great place to get an inexpensive but tasty sandwich, spanakopita, cheese pie, or sausage pie for a quick lunch. In addition, the Αρτολιχδιες Bakery has wide selection of other sweets and has coffee products and other beverages.

Just as important as the bakery products are the people who work there, Costas and Litsa (pictured to the left), as they are always incredibly friendly and welcoming to us when we visit.

The Αρτολιχδιες Bakery is located perhaps 30 meters from the bus stop in the Old Village on the left side of the walkway, just before the Italian gelateria. I highly recommend it!

The Artosinisi Bakery in Patitiri

 Located in Patitiri, perhaps one kilometer up from the harbor on the left side of the street and directly across from the Pappou Market, is the Artosinisi Bakery. Each morning during the height of the tourist season this bakery always attracts a large number of customers, and is also frequented by the owners/managers of numerous restaurants and tavernas on the island. The Artosinisi Bakery offers a large selection of freshly baked foods, including both white and dark breads, a wide variety of cookies, milopita (mini apple pies), cheese pies, spinach pies, and much more.

In addition, they sell affordably-priced breakfast and lunch food, including baked bacon/ham and cheese pies and traditional ham and cheese and vegetarian sandwiches on small submarine rolls. During our most recent trips we purchased sandwiches for lunch there on several occasions and really enjoyed them. If you want to economize on lunch or breakfast there’s really no better place in Patitiri than the Artosinisi Bakery.

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