Kokkino Kastro Beach

Kokkino Kastro beach is a very popular beach, but in all my visits to Alonnisos I must admit I’ve only been there twice because it’s much more convenient for us to spend time at beaches closer to the Old Village (e.g., Megalos Mourtias). Like most beaches in Alonnisos, Kokkino Kastro is comprised of stones as opposed to sand. That means for optimum comfort you’ll either need to rent a beach chair, use a heavy-duty beach mat, or have an air mattress to lie on. To see a brief YouTube video that shows a view of this lovely beach from the sea, click here.

Kokkino Kastro is perhaps 8 kilometers from Patitiri and about 11 kilometers from the Old Village. Because of this distance, walking there would be quite challenging for the vast majority of people, so that means you’ll probably need to either rent a motorbike or a car to get there, or take a taxi. The drive offers some very nice scenery on the way, and the good news is that the road is now paved all the way down to the parking area near the beach.

There is a snack bar on Kokkino Kastro beach but no full-service tavernas as far as I know. Also, if you are driving a rental car please be sure not to park in a place that would block entrance to a gated private driveway that borders the small road/path down to the beach.

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