Milia Bay/Beach

Milia Bay and beach is nestled among hills and pine trees and is a wonderful place to take a swim and spend the day. As the photo to your right shows, the beach at Milia is spacious enough to accommodate a number of visitors, but is still small enough to limit crowds of people from showing up on any given day.

Like most beaches in Alonnisos, Milia Bay is comprised of stones as opposed to sand (see photo below left), so for optimum comfort you’ll either need to rent a beach chair, use a heavy-duty beach mat, or have an air mattress (lie-low in the UK) to lie on. To see a brief YouTube video that shows a view of this beautiful beach from the sea, click here.

Milia Bay is located perhaps five kilometers from the port town of Patitiri, and eight kilometers from the Old Village of Alonnisos. Because of this distance, walking there would be quite challenging for most people, so that means you’ll most likely need to either rent a motorbike or a car to get there. Years ago the road down to this beach was made of dirt and was very rough, but now it is paved and very smooth. If you do drive a rental car there, please note that parking is quite limited at Milia Bay, and that there is a private driveway just before the beach that should not be blocked.

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