Taste of Nature store – Old Village of Alonnisos

Nestled along the main walkway through the Old Village is a wonderful little store called “Taste of Nature.” The owner of this establishment is a very friendly and welcoming young woman named Stella, and her store features a wide assortment of natural products from Alonnisos itself, and from other locations in Greece as well.

Local products include Alonnisos tuna, honey, sweets, soaps, and herbs (including oregano, thyme, sage, and mint). Also available are Greek traditional products such as extra virgin olive oil, olives, organic soaps, cosmetics, mixed herbs, and a selection of handmade wooden spoons, olive plates, and other dishes.

This group of products is just a small sampling of what Stella (pictured to your left with my wife Andrea) has available at this quaint store. As such, I highly recommend you take the time to visit it when you are in the Old Village, and stock up on some authentic Greek products. When you do so, please tell Stella that Andrea and I send her our best regards.

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