Votsalo Restaurant in Rousoum

During our trips to Alonnisos the past two summers we met our good friend Eva for dinner at the Votsalo Restaurant in Rousoum. In past years visiting Rousoum typically wasn’t part of our usual routine, so when we went there in 2016 to meet Eva it was our first time down there to have a meal in perhaps 10 years. In any event, both my wife and I were very pleased with the quality of the food we ordered and also with the portion size as well. Plus, the prices were very fair.

The traditional Greek appetizers we ordered were delicious, the oven-cooked meals were wonderful, and the service we received during both visits was excellent too. Like virtually every restaurant or taverna on the island, the Votsalo Restaurant is a family-run business, and it is operated by a very nice couple named Nikos and Ioanna, who we found to be very friendly and welcoming. Based on our very positive experiences at Votsalo the past two summers we’ll be sure to eat there more often the next time we visit Alonnisos.

For those who haven’t visited Alonnisos before, Rousoum is a small bay/beach located east of the main port of Patitiri. If you have a rental car or motorbike, you get there by taking the main road up from Patitiri harbor and then keep going past the first cross-street (where the school is) following that main road all the way down and around to Rousom. Votsalo is right on the waterfront – the second restaurant in from the road. Those who like to walk also can travel there by foot, but with the understanding that the walk back up is quite steep in spots.

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