Getting to Alonnisos from Athens via the port of Mantoudi in Evia

During the tourist season of 2019 there were no longer any direct boat (i.e., ferry or Flying Cat) departures from the mainland port of Agios Konstantinos to Alonnisos. It was possible to get to Skiathos from Agios Konstantinos, but passage on a different boat was required for the rest of the journey to Alonnisos. As of 2022 this may have changed, but in case it doesn’t, people on their way to Alonnisos who arrive in Athens, and who do not want to fly to Skiathos (for an ensuing boat transfer to Alonnisos), or who are unable to book a flight to Skiathos, have two primary options to get to the island:

Option 1 is to take a coach bus or taxi to the port of Mantoudi on the island of Evia, followed by a ferry to Alonnisos called Proteus (pictured to your right), which is operated by ANES Lines. To book reservations for passage on Proteus, click here.

To reach Mantoudi by bus from the Athens airport you will first need to take the X93 city bus to the Bus Terminus B bus station in Athens. To see a long-distance bus schedule for buses departing from Bus Terminus B click here. The total time it will take you to get to Mantoudi from the airport via Bus Terminus B will be perhaps as much as 3.5 hours, but could be more based on traffic conditions. The estimated time for the bus ride itself from Athens to Mantoudi is approximately 2.5 hours. To book reservations on this bus click here. Choose the departure point as Athens and the arrival point as Kymasi.

If you’d prefer to take a taxi to Bus Terminus B, please page down to see information regarding a limo/taxi driver in Athens that I recommend.

One other note, in addition to bus X93 from the airport, you also can reach Athens City Centre via the Metro Train line. Ask the information desk at the airport for directions to the on-site Metro station (it’s on the lower level). If you do take the Metro, you’ll want to take it to the Attiki Station in Athens, as it’s the closest station to Bus Terminus B for your next travel segment to Mantoudi. Note that travel via train instead of bus gets you to the city center in perhaps half the time. Please likewise note that based on advice from a friend in Athens, for safety sake it’s best to take a taxi from the Athens Attiki Metro Station to the main bus terminal.

Option 2 is to take a bus or taxi to the port of Kimi on the island of Evia, followed by a boat (the Skyros Shipping Company Achilleas) to Alonnisos. To learn the details about this option, please click here.

To Mantoudi via Taxi/Limo

If you aren’t as much concerned about cost as you are about comfort and speed, you also have the option of taking a taxi/limo from the Athens Airport directly to Mantoudi. While this would obviously be more expensive than bus travel, if two or more people are traveling together the price is much more reasonable and it’s clearly more convenient.
If you are interested in taking a taxi/limo, I highly recommend the services of a driver in Athens named Spiros Halkides. Not only is he a great guy, but he also speaks fluent English from his experience in living in New York for many years. Here is his contact information: Telephone: 30-2109944771 (H) & (30)-6944285686(MOBILE). To visit Spiros’ website click here. To contact Spiros via email, click here.

(As an alternative to the above information, there is a website called RometoRio that has a bookings page dedicated to the Athens – Mantoudi segment. Click here to visit it.)

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