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Marabu All Day Bar in Patitiri

Recently I learned about a cafe called the Marabu All Day Bar, which is located right on the waterfront in Patitiri, so I thought I’d write a quick post about it. Marabu offers 25 percent discount on selected items daily from 17:00-19:30 (i.e., 5:00pm – 7:30pm) and has the following Happy Hour prices:

  • Large beer (draught or bottled): 3.0 Euros
  • Glass of wine: 3.0 Euros
  • Selected cocktails: 6.0 Euros

Next time you’re in Patitiri be sure to check out Marabu to enjoy the beverage of your choice, and to take advantage of the great view as well.

ElectroNet Alonnisos – Wide Selection of Electronic Products, Excellent Service

Recently, the 20-year old refrigerator in our family home in Alonnisos began to fail so we had to face the fact that it was time to replace it. While some folks on the island suggested that we shop for it on the Internet, I really felt it was better to deal face-to-face with local people for a purchase such as this. As such, I visited the ElectroNet store in Patitiri several times to do research in order to make a decision as to which fridge to buy. Each time I stopped by there I was greeted warmly by the salesperson, Smaragdi, and she patiently listened to my questions and answered them all.

The other day we finally purchased one at ElectroNet and it was delivered just three hours later by one of the owners, Panayiotis, and two other men who clearly knew what they were doing.  They not only brought the new fridge, they also took the old one away for only 20 Euros.

I am pleased to say that the entire experience was very positive, and as such I highly recommend ElectroNet as a source in Alonnisos for just about any electronic product (I actually bought a new coffee grinder as well that day).

ElectroNet is located across from the car park near the big bakery on the main street heading up to the port. The telephone number  is 2424-0-66069, and to contact the store via email, click here.

Loulaki Store – Patitiri

005Loulaki is an eclectic store in Patitiri that sells unique, top quality solutions for home, mind & body, and style. Located directly next to the National Bank of Greece branch in Patitiri, it is owned and operated by Claudia Tobias, a lovely woman who we originally met during our four month stay in Alonnisos during the summer of 2000.

This distinctive store features novel products for use in home interiors, such as antiques and beautiful and unusually crafted pottery. A shop for discerning customers, it also offers exquisite jewelry and textiles. In Claudia’s own words, Loulaki truly is an “Alladin’s Cave.”

For further information about Loulaki send an email to Claudia by clicking here.