Chrissi Milia Beach

 Chrissi Milia beach is perhaps the only sandy beach on the island. Because of that distinction, it is a very popular destination for visitors. In all my visits to Alonnisos I must admit that I’ve only been to Chrissi Milia one time because it’s just so convenient for us to spend time at beaches closer to the Old Village (e.g., Megalos Mourtias).

This beach is perhaps 7 kilometers from Patitiri and about eight kilometers from the Old Village. Because of this distance, walking there would be quite challenging for most people, so that means you’ll most likely need to either rent a motorbike or a car to get there, or take a taxi. The drive offers some very nice scenery on the way, and the road is paved and very smooth.

Chrissi Milia beach offers full services (i.e., food and drink, restrooms, beach chair and umbrella rental). While we’ve visited the taverna located there, the fact is it’s been years since we have so I am unable to comment on the quality of its food or service. My guess is that the food is most likely very good and the taverna’s proximity to the beach makes it a very convenient place to visit. To see a YouTube video of what Chrissi Milia looks like from the sea, click here.

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