Walking Path between Patiriri and the Old Village

┬áIf your accommodations on Alonnisos are in either in Patitiri or the Old Village, as an alternative to mechanized transportation you can use the old “donkey path” to travel between these two locations. We have used it numerous times over the years, and of course the way DOWN from the Old Village is much easier than the way UP from Patitiri! In either direction the scenery is excellent throughout much of the walk, and if you’re a person who is older or not in the best of physical condition, in a couple of different spots there are benches to rest on. Depending on your fitness level, it will take perhaps 25 – 35 minutes to walk from the Old Village to Patitiri, and anywhere from 30 – 45 minutes to walk up.

Although I don’t have any specific photos of the donkey path, the picture above shows where the path actually begins when coming from the Old Village. Specifically, if you look at the group of four houses in the center of the photo just to right of an ascending road (the road down to the beach at Megalo Mourtia), the path begins perhaps just 20 meters from the top of that road on the right side.

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