The Port and Beach at Steni Vala

 The charming port of Steni Vala is located perhaps 15 kilometers from the main port of Patitiri, and about 18 kilometers from the Old Village of Alonnisos. Steni Vala is a lovely place to go and have lunch or dinner as there are some very good restaurants there. There is also a beach available there (see photo below left) that close friends tell me is lovely and rarely crowded, with clean white smooth pebbles and very clear water. Please note though that the water can be choppy if the wind happens to be coming down the channel. Please also note that Steni Vala has a small space available for campers and backpackers who prefer to “rough it” with their accommodations.

 It’s my understanding that Steni Vala used to be the more prominent of the two ports, but Patitiri eventually overtook it most likely because of its size and the fact that it’s closer to the neighboring islands of Skopelos and Skiathos. Because of its distance from Patitiri and the Old Village, unless you are a very serious walker you will obviously need to use some form of transportation. In this regard, your choices are to rent a car or a motorbike, to take a taxi, or to take the city bus that makes a few trips per day between Patitiri and Steni Vala. To reserve a car or motorbike with my recommended service provider I&M Motorbike and Car Rental via email click here. The city bus schedule is posted at the main bus stop near the taxi stand in Patitiri harbor.


With respect to a recommended restaurant, because we don’t visit Steni Vala all that often we don’t necessarily have a favorite estiatorio or taverna. In 2007 I ate at the first (and largest) restaurant you encounter, which I believe is called “Tassia’s,” and I found the food and service to be of good quality.

Another restaurant/café we’ve been to on more than one occasion we know as “Katina’s” and it, too, offers good food and service as well (the photo to your right is one taken at this restaurant, and gives you a good idea of the view). As a matter of background, Katina is the daughter of a very renowned Alonnisos seaman, Kostas Mavrikis, who was mentioned frequently in a book about sailing in the Sporades islands called “Gates of the Wind” by British author Michael Carroll. Katina’s son, Kostas, is involved in various businesses on the island, and is actually the person who founded the Museum of Alonnisos in Patitiri. Katina’s daughter, Iraklia, assists in managing the family’s businesses and also has her own scuba diving business that I’m told offers great diving opportunities.

 A third restaurant we’ve been to on several occasions is perhaps 25 meters beyond Katina’s, further toward the sea. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the place, but the photo to your left will give you an idea of the view it offers. We have always found the family that operates this restaurant to be very friendly and the food to be excellent in every respect. We usually show up there with a big group, and we always have a great meal and a wonderful time as well.

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