Internet Access in Alonnisos

To check your email or surf the Web while on Alonnisos you have multiple options, for as of the summer of 2017 the vast majority of restaurants, cafes, hotels, pensions, and rental homes offer wireless Internet access. The businesses typically make the wireless connection available for free, but in the majority of instances you will need to ask the proprietor for the security code to join the network. In some cases, hotels and pensions only make the wireless connections available to their paying guests, which is fully understandable.

In Patitiri, I know for certain that wireless access is available to customers of the Ostria Restaurant. In the Old Village, the Kastro Restaurant offers free wireless access for customers, as does the Panselinos Restaurant and Bar, which is located right where the bus from Patitiri stops, and the Archontostasi Restaurant and Bar (also known as “Mary’s Bar). In addition, there are several other restaurants and hotels/pensions in the Old Village that offer wireless Internet access.

Whether you are in the Old Village, Patitiri, Votsi, Steni Vala, Milia Bay, or any other location in Alonnisos, you’ll need to check with the particular business (i.e., restaurant, hotel, etc.) about wireless access.

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