Giorgos Snack Bar on the Patitiri Waterfront

If you’re in Patitiri in the evening and are interested in a good quality meal, but you want something more economical in price, I highly recommend you check out Giorgos’ Snack Bar (see photo to your right). Located right on the waterfront in Patitiri, this restaurant has a small number of tables, all of which provide a nice view of the harbor.

 The menu here features traditional Greek gyros and souvlaki (i.e., shish kebob), and you can purchase Greek salads as well. Wine, beer, soft drinks, and bottled water are also available. We have always had good experiences at this snack bar, and Jorgos, the owner, is very friendly.

Giorgos Snack Bar is located between two cafes/bars right above Patitiri Beach. With your back to the sea in the area of the port where the Flying Cats/Dolphins usually arrive, it’s to your left and just above the Patitiri beach.

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