Tzortzi Gialos Beach

Like Chrissi Milia and Kokkino Kastro, Tzorti Gialos beach is quite popular with tourists, and particularly so during the high season in late July and August. We have been to this beach several times over the years, and each time we found it to be an enjoyable experience. What is really novel about Tzortzi Gialos is that the sea is quite shallow for perhaps the first 30 – 40 meters. In fact, you have to go out quite far before you’re in a position where you’re standing up and your head is not above the water level.

 Like most Alonnisos beaches, Tzorti Gialos is comprised of stones as opposed to sand. That means for optimum comfort you’ll need to use a heavy-duty beach mat, or have an air mattress (lie-low in the UK) to lie on. There may be chair and umbrella rental there, but I’m not certain. To see a brief YouTube video that shows the view of this beautiful beach from the sea, click here.

Tzortzi Gialos is perhaps nine kilometers from Patitiri and about 12 kilometers from the Old Village. Because of this distance, walking there would be impractical for the vast majority of people, so you’ll need to either rent a motorbike or a car to get there, or take a taxi. The drive offers some very nice scenery on the way, and the last part of road down there winds through a beautiful pine forest with a heavenly fragance.

This beach has services (i.e., food, drink & restrooms at the taverna). The last time we were there we found the food to be quite good, so I assume that would still be the case. As you can see from the photo on your right, the taverna is conveniently located very close to the sea.

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