The Port at Kalamakia

The peaceful port of Kalamakia is located perhaps 3 kilometers from the port of Steni Vala, 18 kilometers from the main port of Patitiri, and about 21 kilometers from the Old Village of Alonnisos. Because of these distances, you’ll obviously either need to take a taxi there or have your own rental car or motorbike. Kalamakia is a very picturesque port with excellent views of the island of Peristera off to east (see photo to your right) and also of the uninhabited islands called the Two Brothers. The port itself is actually quite small, with space for only a limited number of fishing boats and/or pleasure craft.

Kalamakia has perhaps five tavernas and also offers rental rooms for those who are interested in being far removed from the crowds in Patitiri and the Old Village. As for a recommended restaurant, during all of our visits we have eaten at “Margarita’s” (pictured to your left) because my in-laws have been going there for many years. In years past we would typically have a big group who traveled with us there on my in-laws’ traditional Greek caique. We have always found the food to be excellent, and Margarita, her husband Nikos, and the wait staff are always welcoming. Since Kalamakia is a fishing port, it’s very common to find fresh fish and crabs available at the tavernas there, but be prepared to spend quite a few Euros for the fresh fish, which is always sold at a per-kilo rate. Also, before ordering fish soup ask for the estimated price of the entire entree.

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