Elite Tours in Athens

In an earlier post about getting to Alonnisos via Athens and the mainland port of Agios Konstantinos, I mentioned Elite Tours in Athens as an alternative to taking a bus to Agios to connect with the boat to Alonnisos as well as to Skiathos and Skopelos.

 I also want to point out that in addition to providing reliable service to Agios Konstantinos, the owner, Spiros Halkides, is the ideal driver to show you around during your time in Athens, as he provides tour services of the city and all of its historical sites. He also offers guided tours of Delphi and the Peloponnese region. Since Spiros spent more than 30 years as a taxi and limo driver in New York City, he knows how important it is to provide friendly and efficient service. He’s also one of the few limo/taxi drivers in Greece who doesn’t smoke, and he uses a well-maintained, air-conditioned Mercedes Benz.

Before you arrive in Athens airport, be sure to get in touch with Spiros so he can be there to pick you up on time and drive you to wherever you need to go, however long you stay in the city. Here is his contact information:Telephone: 30-2109944771 (H) & (30)-6944285686 (MOBILE) [Note that 30 is the country code for calling Greece.] To visit Spriros’ website click here. To contact Spiros via email, click here. When you do contact Spiros, please tell him Jeff and Andrea from the U.S. say hello. Thanks.

To contact me via email with any questions regarding this post click here.

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