Thendro Limano – Gourmet Italian Restaurant in Votsi

During our trip to Alonnisos in 2010 we were introduced to an Italian restaurant called Thendro Limano (pictured to your right) that features truly gourmet cuisine. It was our great pleasure to dine there two times during our three week stay, and I must say the food was simply wonderful in every respect. It is located just above the harbor in the small port town of Votsi, which is roughly two and half miles from the main port of Patitiri, and perhaps three and half miles from the Old Village of Alonnisos. As such, if you’re staying in those areas and don’t have a rental car or motorbike, you’ll need to take a taxi.

Appetizers at that time included a very creative dish combining cooked beets with tuna in a very tasty sauce, and a salad featuring tenderized octopus that was very uniquely flavored. Main courses included a black pasta dish with tuna that my in-laws just raved about, a delicious and very tender chicken dish we loved, and a swordfish entree we had on our second visit that was exquisite. And, it’s not just the food itself that appeals, the presentation of it is equally as impressive.

In addition to high quality and appetizing foods, the owner, Jorgos (pictured to your left), also offers a broad selection of beverages, including fine wines and some excellent craft beers that are ideal for anyone who likes micro-brewed beers. I personally found these beers to be a nice break from the “Amstel, Heineken and Mythos” brands offered by virtually all of the traditional Greek tavernas and estiatorios.

Like every successful restaurant, it’s not good food alone that makes the dining experience enjoyable, there’s also the quality of the service. Thendro Limano also excels in this area.

When you visit Alonnisos, be certain to dine at Thendro Limano, as I’m sure you’ll find the experience to be wonderful in every respect. To make a reservation (and this is advisable during the high season of mid July through late August), use this telephone number: 24240 65252.

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