Al Diavolo – Pizza Restaurant in the Old Village

After all our trips to Greece we surely do love Greek food. And, there are simply times when we have a taste for an alternative cuisine. Fortunately, there is a very nice pizza restaurant open in the Old Village, Al Diavolo, that makes very tasty pizzas.

This restaurant has a number of varieties of pizza on the menu (e.g., margherita, veggie, ham & bacon, and many more), plus salads and other foods as well. We also have found the service to be solid too. They also sell pizzas on a carry-out basis if you’re wanting to eat at home or in your rental room.

To get to Al Diavolo, from where the city bus stops walk up the main road into the Old Village and veer to your left when you get to the little church up there. Follow the path/road up and turn right at the first path you encounter. Al Diavolo is about 15 meters from there.

Bon Appetit!

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