Astrofegia Restaurant & Bar – Old Village

The Astrofegia Restaurant & Bar is an excellent dining option in the Old Village of Alonnisos. It has been in business for decades, and continues to be run efficiently and successfully by the same family. Currently, it is being managed by Marianne Toundas, daughter of the founders Yiannis and Emma; she is supported by a great staff of people who clearly enjoy their work and quite obviously appreciate their customers.

For whatever reason, until this summer this restaurant has not been a part of our usual circle of places to eat, so I hadn’t written a post about it. After two dinners at Astrofegia this year, I must admit that it truly is an absolutely wonderful place to eat! The food and the service were both impeccable during each of our recent visits, so we’ll now be including it as one of our go-to places for dinners out going forward.

The menu includes excellent starters and salads, and a solid assortment of main dishes. We ordered the beet root salad twice and really enjoyed it, and found the artichoke entrée to be divine on our first visit. On the second visit we ordered a penne pasta dish with Parmesan cheese that was delicious. While it’s not our practice to order a bottle of wine, I noticed that the menu also includes a wide selection of high-quality wines across all customary categories for those who fancy fine wines.

Astrofegia is located on a footpath that rises to the east from just to the left of the grocery store in the Old Village. For any questions or to make a reservation, telephone the restaurant at either 2424-0-65182 or 6973 955 001.

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